Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting Settled in Our New House and Thanksgiving

We were officially moved out of my dads house on November 20th. I am so in love with our new house. It is smaller but feels more like home. The down stairs is completely done and everything is put away. Half of the upstairs is done. Kids rooms and kids bathroom is all done. The only thing we have left to do is finish up our bedroom and the den. The garage is filled with a bunch of stuff. We have to go through it and figure out what we are going to put in storage and what we are going to donate. I think we may tackle that this weekend. We have met a couple of our neighbors. Our one neighbor was my neighbor in the neighborhood i grew up in. It is so weird to see her all grown up and with a baby. They moved away when she was still pretty little. Crazy small world. We have a pool in this house (community pool), it is heated and we went swimming Thanksgiving day before we went to my moms to eat. We have gone swimming a couple other times since then. With the weather being in the low 80's and the pool being heated, it has been a great distraction for the kids.

Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful. We swam in the morning and went to my moms for dinner and filled out bellies with yummy food. It was a great day. With all the stress of moving and the family drama that has stirred up it was a nice distraction and made me stop and see how thankful and lucky i am for everything we do have. Yes, moving has been a nightmare but we have a beautiful house in and nice neighborhood, good health, and food on the table. 

I am super excited about Christmas in our new house. I have decided not to decorate a ton this year. One reason i just don't have the energy and the second reason i can only find about half of the decorations. I did put up a small tree and some of the kids decorations, but that's about it. And since we moved and had time to go through all the toys we already have, we are donating a lot of toys this year. Caiden is super excited about this. He picked out all the toys he doesn't play with anymore and we will be donating them. He keeps finding little things and asking if he can donate that as well. Very proud of him. I thought he would have a hard time with donating. 

The New House

Caiden swimming Thanksgiving Day

Hanging out in our new pool


As you can tell i am a little behind on posts! Better late than never...
This year for Halloween Caiden was Buzz Lightyear and Ashlyn was a Pumpkin Princess. We went to our friends Rocky and Samantha's for a chili dinner and trick or treating. We did this last year and it will defiantly be our new Halloween tradition. So much fun! of course Caiden has so much fun trick or treating with his friends. Ashlyn still a little young wasn't to sure about the whole thing and hated her tutu. lol

Buzz Lightyear

Pumpkin Princess

5K Mud Factor

On November 24th Chris and I ran Mud Factor 5K mud run! Half the proceeds were donated to Helping Heroes Kids. The nice thing I like about this particular obstacle course it was not a race, you could go as fast or as slow as you wanted. They did not time you and everyone was a winner. I really liked this because I DO NOT run and although not horribly out of shape i am in no shape to run 3.2 miles. There were a ton of muddy obstacles. I was so proud of myself, I completed every single one. The one down fall of this run, was because it was not a race at some of the obstacles small lines formed, because no one was in a hurry to finish. (which was nice for me, rest time) It was a beautiful day in the low 80's which made the mud and water not cold at all it actually felt good. All in all it was an amazing experience and i defiantly plan on doing this again. We were not able to get pictures of our self's super muddy because the last muddy slip n slide was more water than mud. They probably did this on purpose to help wash you off. but below are a couple pictures form the run.  

Action shot, Climbing the rope wall

All done and dirty!!

Friday, October 26, 2012


Ashlyn is OFFICIALLY walking!!!

15 months - 17lb &  6oz


My dad has allowed us to rent his house from him for the past 2 and 1/2 years, and we are very grateful that he allowed us to rent his home.  
Without getting into to many details to protect both parties involved, He has given us 30 days to move out because we can not afford his rent increase.

I am struggling right now with the fact that my dad would only give us 30 days to move out my family. I understand that this is a business decision on his part. But we were notified via email of his decisions and he has been very cold to us through this process. Even got his attorney involved. Anyway long story short We are moving.

SUPER stressed at the moment with where we are going to go and finding a house in such a short time. Good news is we have found 2 house in our area that we have submitted offers to and should hear back today or tomorrow. Hopefully one of these comes back and we can start the moving process and hopefully try and be settled in our new home before Christmas

Caiden has started acting out big time, i know he can sense the stress in the house but also when we told him we were going to have to move to a new house he did not take it well. He is having a hard time understand why we have to leave. This is really the only home he knows. When we moved here he was only 1 and doesn't remember it.

I have learned the life is not always fair and there are times when you just can't explain why.
But if life was always perfect we would never be able to appreciate the things we do have.

I know everything will work out and i am just having a hard time seeing that now.

Camping at Stoneman Lake

This was our second attempt at camping since Ashlyn was born. The first time was miserable for all parties involved. But this time was so much more fun. We left Friday, October 19th and planned on camping 2 night, but only made it one night. 
We camped at Stoneman Lake and it was beautiful during the day. Low 70's high 60's. The night time was a whole different story. It was COLD! It was in the mid 30's. We were all bundled and the kids stayed warm but me and Chris could not get rid of the chill. Stony lent us his tent heater for the kids which helped a lot. I probably would have stayed warm if I hadn't gotten sick in the middle of the night and had to keep getting up to go outside.
Needless to say we decided the one night was enough and we came home Saturday evening.
Even though the night was cold and we didn't sleep, we still had an amazing time. Caiden LOVED getting dirty and playing with the other kids and just running free. Ashlyn hardly complained we set up her play yard and she enjoyed the out doors as well.
The boys practiced shooting the bows Granddad Tony brought, The girls watched and sat around the fire just relaxing and having a good time. 
Tony and Sherry also knew of a zip line near by, so we took the kids there to have some zip line fun.
Overall it was a good trip =)

Picture from our trip

Nana Sherry and Ashlyn walking around camp

 Me and my love

 Chris hanging out by the fire

 Collecting fire wood

 Target practice

Girls just watching

 Chris working on something and Stony watching

 Caiden's Sword and Gun in his back pockets =)

Playing domino's

My boys

 Ashlyn napping after our long cold night! Tent was nice and warm in the sunlight

Ashlyn loved the backpack

 Waiting for his turn on the zip line

 He kept yelling faster and for me to let go

 I let go and he loved it

 So much fun

Zip line fun

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weight Loss Update

So In October of 2011 i weighed 153lb and today i am at 145lb. Not a huge drop, but a drop none the less.
My goal was 145lb, but now i am going to shoot for 140lb

Now that it is starting to get nice out in the mornings and evening i think it is time to dust off the bikes and start our family bike rides again =)

Caiden's New Sticker Chart

Caiden is like every child out there. He likes to push the boundaries and hearing me yell ;)
We started a new incentive chart to help with his behavior. Instead of me yelling at him all the time. He can see when he is bad and also when he is good. 
How it works:

1. We set up some rules that he must follow and with him just barley turning 4, we decided for now the main and most important rule is "Caiden must do as he is told and LISTEN" (two area he struggles with)
2. Caiden can earn up to 3 stickers everyday.
3. Once Caiden is told to do something, such as clean up his toys. He is given 3 chances to complete this task. If he doesn't do as he is told then he get an X. 
4. 0 X= 3 stickers
    1 X= 2 stickers
    2 X= 1 sticker
    3 X= NO stickers
5. At the end of each day we reflect on his chart and add the correct amount of stickers to his chart.
6. Once the sticker chart is filled up, he can choose from two $5 dollar movies i bought or he can choose a special date with mommy or daddy or both (as long as we can find a sitter for baby sister)
As you can see below, yesterday he received 3 stickers for being a Super Star at school and then listening when he got home.
Today he got an X this morning because at swim lessons he wasn't listening to his teacher and had to be put in time out. I also make him mark the X. He also gets to put the stickers on at the end of the day. 

 Caiden's sticker chart

I got the idea from one of the mom's in my mom's group. So far so good we are only on our second day. But seems to be working so far. He really likes seeing his progress. He has been counting the empty squares and telling me how many more stickers he needs. No child is perfect, but with this system i am hoping to give Caiden some more structure and an incentive to be a good listener. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Peeing Bandit!

Well it would seem we have a mystery in our house!

I was cleaning the master bathroom, and as i was emptying the garbage a TON of liquid came out of the garbage and all over the floor. What was this liquid you ask? Why of course is was urine. UGGGGG. On a side note i was scrubbing the bathroom because after the last time i cleaned i could not figure out why it smelled like pee in there ALL THE TIME.  

I found my answer!

Many things started running through my head as to why someone might be peeing in the garbage can and not the toilet that is about a foot away.


2. Caiden's teacher at school had said he has been scared of the bathroom there. Thought maybe he was not scared of ours.

3. Chris (LOL)

4. Chris had given the kids a bath a few nights before maybe he let Caiden pee in the garbage can so he didn't have to get him out of the tub and forgot to clean it up.

5. Someone had been sleep walking (haha!)

6. Maybe a overly wet diaper was put in there.

This is where is gets funny. So i text Chris and ask him if he knew why there might be pee in the garbage can. Of course he came back with a smart ass answer. But ultimately we came to the conclusion that it had to of been Caiden. He was at school this day so i couldn't as him till i picked him up.
After i picked him up and we got home, i asked him if he peed in the garbage can and that if he did it was OK we just need to talk about it and that he wouldn't be in trouble. (i wanted him to tell me the truth without him thinking he was in trouble) He looked at me and said:

 "NO mommy, you don't pee in garbage cans, you pee in the potty. It was Daddy". 

I had to excuse myself from the room i was laughing so hard!

I text Chris again with this new found information and again he came back with a smart ass comment. I told him that maybe he was sleep walking and forgot where the toilet was. Chris then proceeded to blame it on the cat. HAHA!! The garbage can in under a built in vanity, there is no possible way the cat could get under there and hover over the can and pee multiple times cause this was a lot of pee. 

Anyway Caiden finally admitted to it. But i am still not 100% convinced he did it, because i kept asking and asking him the rest of the night. I think he may have just said yes to get me off his back. LOL but there is really no other logical explanation, other than Caiden for some reason decided to pee in the garbage can. Hey maybe i was sleep walking.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Numbers 1-5

I have one smart 4 year old (just barley 4)! Today he wrote his numbers. 1 to 5 all by himself =)
So proud!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ashlyn's 12 month check up

Just a quick update!
Today we had Ashlyn's 12 month well child visit at our new pediatrician office.
Weight- 16lb 11oz
Height - 28in

Ashlyn has officially made it onto the charts, she is not in the 11 percentile for her height. Still in the negative for her weight. That's ok she will be tall and skinny. =)

We LOVE our new pediatrician, learned some things that can help with her development and feeding and also learned that this clinic likes to see their preemies more often (to keep an eye on development and weight) than her last doc did. Which i like A LOT!! 

She received 4 shots and was not a happy camper =(

But overall is one healthy little girl 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another HUGE step!

Though a little late Ashlyn has always met her developmental milestone. The one thing that we have struggled with is feeding and the fact she will put NOTHING in her mouth on her own. We have done a little feeding therapy in the past with no success. This has been one area that has worried every one the most. What baby doesn't put toys in their mouth? Well today Ashlyn showed us she is on her own schedule and will do everything when she is ready. At 12 months she finally put a toy in her mouth. This is a HUGE step! So proud of my little girl.    

I was able to catch her in the act!

Monday, July 30, 2012

NICU Graduate

12 month, my little NICU GRADUATE!!!!
Could not be more proud and happy with my little miracle 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

4 year old language

Sumber Storm with wightning.
Thunder Storm with lighting

Love Caiden

Thursday, July 26, 2012


We spent July 15th and 16th in Sedona! here are some pics from our trip.
On the 15th we went to Slide Rock and on the 16th we spent the day by the hotel pool.
It was nice to get away for a couple days

 Caiden at Slide Rock

 Daddy and Caiden

 Water was COLD

Thinking about it

We found a Caiden size slide

 Looking for rocks

 Swimming a little swimming whole


 So pretty

Slide rock was so much fun, water was a little cold and it was rainy in the morning but once the sun came out it was perfect weather. We will defiantly be doing this again Caiden absolutely LOVED it. Water was a little cold for Ashlyn but she still loved being outside in the fresh air. A funny moment while there, Caiden has sponge bob water shoes or should i say had, and right before we left he ended up losing one down the creek and we couldn't get it back. I swear the kid thought it was the end of the world that he lost his water shoe. We had to tell him that sponge bob wanted to go to his pineapple under the creek to be with Patrick (a character from the show). It was the only thing that made him stop crying LOL. The things we say and do for our kids!

 Swimming at the hotel

 Ashlyn and Daddy hanging out in the pool

 She is SOOO darn cute!!! Hanging out pool side 

Caiden loving the pool time

Such a fun little trip!!

More News

 I totally forgot 


It only took 12 months but those little choppers are starting to appear. This means so many more food options for this picky little eater =)

Ashlyn is ONE!!!

This post is coming 10 days late, but here it is.


I still can't believe my little girl is one already. This past year has been filled with so many emotions.
Ashlyn was born on July 15, 2011 at 1:56pm weighing in at 3lb 6oz and measuring only 16in. She was only 34weeks 5days in gestation. So tiny but yet so strong. She amazed all the doctors and only spent 12 days in NICU. On July 26, 2011 we got the OK from the doctors and we were on our way home.
 She is one amazing little girl, she didn't care what any of the specialist said she was going to do things on her own time. And that she did, while all the specialists were telling us our little girl was delayed, on her own schedule she proved them all wrong.

Ashlyn and her baby

Ashlyn is one sassy little girl, she knows what she wants and she will not take no for an answer. (which make my job a little tough) She now fights back when her brother tries to take something from her or push her away. She LOVES to dance. anytime music of any kind come on you can be sure you will see Ashlyn dancing. She is so snuggly, unlike Caiden she loves to be held and snuggled. I think she will be walking in the next month. She love to stand and walk behind anything she can push. She has come so far. It is hard to put in words how emotional these past 10 days have been. Just remembering everything we went through to get her to were she is today. Such a miracle baby and amazing little girl. Can't wait to see what the next year has in store for her.

We have her 12 month well child check up next week so i will keep you posted on her weight and height. I am guessing 16-17lb and about 27.5in. We shall see =)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where Have the Deaner's Been??!!!

Oh my, kind of ironic that my last post was about how busy we are and then i don't post for 2 months LOL.
Well it is true we have been very busy! So lets get this bad boy updated.

I will start with Caiden, He has been doing amazing. We have been having some behavioral problems with him. He seems to be acting out a lot and i am not sure if it is because of Ashlyn or just his age. It has been really hard there are times were i just can't seem to handle him and no punishment seems to work. I hope this passes fast. Of course he is not all bad. He loves to play outside. He just had his 4th Birthday and he got a brand new bike and wants to ride it all the time. He is such a good swimmer and is finally swimming all on his own. We got season passes to the water park, Wet N Wild, and this year he is tall enough to ride some of the bigger rides. He loves every minute of it. I still can't believe my baby boy is 4 years old. We are having a duel Birthday party this weekend for both kids. 

Ashlyn, she is just amazing. I think the last time i posted we had just had her evaluation and it showed a significant development delay. Well after a horrible experience with trying to get therapy (will save that story for it's own post) , she amazed us all and started sitting, crawling and pulling to stand all on her own. We had her reevaluated and she is now caught up to her corrected age. She is 11 1/2 months old her corrected age is 10 month old and she is doing every thing a 10 month should be doing developmentally. So we got the OK to stop therapy (not that they were doing anything for her). She still has some feeding and mouth aversion issues but from what i am told it is very common in preemies and we will just watch it for now and revisit the issues at about 18 months if she hasn't made any progress. She still has not started teething, so the doctors are waiting for her to start teething to see if that will help some of her feeding issues since we are limited on what we can give her right now. In the last week she has started to say mama when she sees me or wants to be held by me it is so darn cute. she says ba ba to but i am not sure if she has connected it to anything besides just babbling. She is going to be one in 2 weeks and i am just beyond amazed at how far my little girl has come. She is a true miracle. She is still a little peanut, at her 11 month visit she was 15lb and 26.5in. Still super small for her age but following her own growth curve so that's all that matters. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for her. =)

Everything else is going good i finished my last class (American Jazz and Popular  Music) with an A, and i am now taking English 102 this summer and the class is over in 2 weeks and then i will have a month off before i start Microbiology in the fall. Uggggg that should be fun. Chris is doing good as well working and playing baseball is the story of his life. That is all i have for now. I will update on other topics soon =)

Monday, April 16, 2012

A week in the life of a Deaner

I have decided to write down what a typical week looks like in our house at this time on our life, so when i am old and grey sitting in my rocker sipping tea i can read this and laugh.

Monday -
Daddy leaves the house at 7am-ish (sometimes earlier)
I am then left alone with my 2 wonderful children (lord help me)
Mondays's consist of cleaning and playing catch up from the previous week.
T-ball practice at 5pm-6pm
Home try and feel both kids before daddy gets home at 6pm-ish
School for me from 7:10pm-8:25pm (American jazz and popular music)
Home to clean up the mess that Daddy and babies made in the hour and a half i was gone at school. How they manage to destroy the house i will never know.
Then finally around 10pm-ish it is bed time

Tuesday -
Daddy leaves the house at 6:30am-ish this time with Caiden to drop him off at Pre-School.
I Drop Ashlyn off at my mom's at 10:30am then head to work at 11:00am-5:00pm
Pick Ashlyn up at 5pm then Caiden at 5:30pm
Home to feed 2 kids
Daddy gets home at 6ish
Ashlyn in bed by 8pm, Caiden by 9:30pm
Me in bed by 10pm-ish

Wednesday -
Repeat Tuesday
Except i have School From 7:10pm-8:25pm
Home to clean up the disaster my family created while i was away
Bed by 10pm-ish

Thursday -
Daddy leaves the house at 7am-ish
Me and kids home all alone ;)
Caiden has swim lessons at 9:30am
Ashlyn had therapy at 11:30am
Afternoon cleaning
T-ball practice at 5:00pm-6:00pm (sometimes we miss this practice cause i am exhausted)
Daddy home at 6pm-ish

Friday -
Daddy leaves the house at 7am-ish
Every other Friday i have a Mom to Mom Group that meets at 9:30am-11:00am (drop the kids off in the nursery and don't look back)
Home to clean some more
Daddy home at 6pm-ish

Saturday -
Thank the good lord Chris is home =)
Caiden has his T-ball games Saturday morning they last an hour or so.
Rest of the day is up for grabes, which usually includes me doing 5 million loads of laundry.

Sunday -
Daddy has baseball in the morning, which last about 3 or so hours. (me and kids usually stay home)
Rest of the day is whatever.

The above schedule does not include doctor appointments, play dates, or anything else that may come up. Not sure how i do it or how i stay sane. There is some down time through out the week, but very little. Shoot while i am typing this i am feeding a baby. If only i had 2 more hands think what i could get done. =)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ashlyn's Developmental Evaluation

We had Ashlyns Developmental Evalutaion on March 12th and even though we already knew she qualified for services, we got the official report yesterday.......

The Summary of the Report

Needless to say it was really hard to read that my baby is delayed. When the therapists are sitting in front of you and telling you this and that. It is not quiet as hard. We already knew that she qualified for services, but there is something about it being on paper, that makes it more real and "official". There were pages and pages to this report, explaining her delay and a treatment plan. The good news is that by age 2 she should be almost completely caught up. and in the short term they said that in the next 6 months we should see a huge improvement in her motor and development skills. She will start Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy once a week for the next 6 month. The nice thing is they come to our house and they come together so we don't have to have 2 separate appointments. I am still not sure what these therapy sessions will entail, but i am excited to get the ball moving.


Caiden has stated T-ball and is loving every minute of it!! We had out first meeting where we get to meet his other team mates and the parents. We picked a coach, Chris is the assistant coach. He seems to really enjoying that job. Plus Chris plays baseball so can teach the little guys a few tricks. Caiden has already had 2 practices and his first game is March 31st. We are so happy that he is enjoying it so much. I was scared he wouldn't really like it. Boy was i wrong. =)

Caiden at practice, he is playing second base
Can't wait till his first game!

Monday, February 20, 2012

We Are Down To Only 1 In Diapers!

I am proud to announce Caiden is COMPLETELY diaper and pull-up free!! He has been potty trained for a little over 6 month, but now he has been napping and sleeping through the night without pull-ups for the past 2 weeks now. We just tried it one night and told him he was going to have to get up if he need to go potty and we haven't had a accident since. The lessons i learned is i HATE pull-ups (it is just a glorified diaper) and my child is lazy and just went in his pull-up instead of getting up to go. Now that i know these things i feel potty training with Ashlyn will be a breeze. =)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ashlyn's Development Appointment

Well today we met with Ashlyn's developmental speacialist. I wish i could report that she is right on track, but she is not =(
Ashlyn is 6 months and 24 days old, Her corrected age is 5 months and 17 days, her developmental age is somewhere right around 4 1/2 months. So yes, she is behind, which it to be expected for a preemie. Over all the specialist said she is doing pretty darn good. Which makes me very happy. BUT....... there are a couple areas of concern.

1st area of small concern: Ashlyn has been rolling from her tummy to her back for quite some time now (since around 2 months) as of recently she has been rolling from her back to her tummy, but has seemed to have totally forgotten how to roll back to her back. She gets very frustrated while on her stomach and just starts to cry till she is moved or i roll her over. We have hired Caiden to be the baby roller. We just tell him to go roll his sister over LOL. Anyway i guess it is not normal for her to have completely forgotten that she can roll both ways.

2nd area of larger concern: Ashlyn will NOT eat any solid food. I guess this is not completely abnormal, but what makes it a concern is she will put nothing in her mouth her self. She loves to play with toys and has defiantly found her hands. When a baby finds there hands and starts to play with toys everyone knows that they put everything and anything in there mouth. Ashlyn will not put anything in her mouth but a bottle nipple or her fingers when she is self soothing. I have been trying for over 2 month to feed her from a spoon and even offered her some baby snacks. She absolutely refuses to let or put anything in her mouth.

Soooooo, we will be meeting with a different specialist to try and figure out why she will not let anything in her mouth but a bottle, they will also do a couple developmental test to make sure that her rolling issues is her just being stubborn and not anything more serious developmentally. The main plan right now is trying to get her to eat some solids. She is eating 8oz every 2-3 hours, (except at night) she defiantly needs something more to keep her full longer and help her grow stronger.

I know these issues are not serious and VERY minor at the moment, but still scares the hell out of me to hear there may be something wrong with your child developmentally. Overall she is doing amazing and has made huge strides in other areas. This is just a very small set back and with the help of the specialist will get it all straightened out. I just get to enjoy each stage a little longer that's all =)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ashlyn Then & Now

My baby girl is 6 month old, a half a year old! Where has the time gone.
Ashlyn is doing absolutely amazing!
Then - 3lb 6oz / NOW - 11lb 5oz
Then - 16in / NOW - 24.5in
Then - eating 1.5oz / NOW - eating 8oz
Then - up every 2-3 hours / NOW - sleeping through the night

She has come such a long way in such a short time. She is now in the 5 percentile for her length. Finally on the charts. This is a huge step and a great sign that she is well on her way to catching up. She still in the negative percentile for her weight. But not to far off the chart. She is such a happy baby. Rarely cries, only when she has a dirty diaper or is hungry and even then it isn't a real cry just a little fussing. We were finally able to switch her formula to the Similac Sensitive, from the Similac Alimentum. This has been wonderful, the Alimentum was $30 a can the Sensitive is $15 a can. She is also not longer on her re-flux medicine. Which i am very happy about. Hate giving a baby so young any type of medicine. I think every once in awhile she may still get a little re-flux, but nothing like it was before and it doesn't seem to bother anymore. She is an amazing sleeper. I put her down at 8:30ish and she will sleep till almost 9. I don't know how i got so lucky with 2 good sleeper ( maybe god knew i would never be able to handle bad sleepers). We have introduced stage one baby foods, which she seems to hate. But the pediatrician said to keep at it, she will learn that it is good stuff. (I hope) Overall we could not be more happy with her progress and development. She is perfect in every way possible.


Monday, January 30, 2012

3 Year Old Funny Moments

Just a couple funny Caiden moments.
His new thing is when you make him mad or do something that doesn't please him he says "Are you kidding me". He is so serious to. I wish i could video tape it but, just can't seem to catch the exact moment. =)
Caiden keeps saying he had a big baby in his tummy. lol i keep trying to explain to him that only girls and mommies can have baby's and his response to that is "No, mommy my baby is a boy". So until he can understand that only girls can have babies, i will have a 3 year old pretending he had a big baby in his tummy.
Last but not least my mom was getting him some juice the other day and was asking him what cup he wanted. She asked "Do you want the Winnie the Pooh cup" and Caiden's response the that was "No, Grandma i don't have to poop, i want the bear cup". I was in the midst of a kidney stone attack, waiting for Chris to get home to take me the E.R. and as much pain as i was in i was still rolling on the floor laughing. (half from the pain) lol. He truly says the funniest things and i wish i could catch and remember them all. But i am going to try and at least get them here on here. =)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deaner Family Update

Well it has been 2 months since i have updated my blog, guess it is time =). The holidays have come and gone and so much has happened in the last 2 months i haven't had a free moment. So while everyone is napping i will update:

Chris Update: Chris is doing great, He has been helping my dad with his invention and garbage can business. Which he seems to be enjoying so far. He is still playing baseball on weekends and has been taking a small break from it during the winter. I think he is the only one in the house these days that seems to be the same. lol he goes to work, comes home and does the daddy thing. =) He is an amazing hands on dad.

Dana/Me Update: Well things have been a little crazy for me. Early December i had Surgery on my right cheek to have a cyst removed that i have had there for years it was just starting to bother me and hurt so i figured it was time to get it looked at. Had a Cat-Scan that showed it was just a small mass or cyst and the surgeon went ahead and removed it. Everything went great, went in for my follow up and to have the stitches removed and oh ya by the way you might have cancer. I guess the pathology report on the cyst showed some abnormal cells or cells that looked like they MIGHT be cancer. So without a straight answer on the pathology report the surgeon decided it would be best to go back in and get a little more of a sample to rule out any cancer. So we scheduled the surgery for early January. If all this wasn't stress full enough i got strep throat a week before i was to have the second surgery which cleared up and the doc said i was ok for surgery. BUUUUT the day of the surgery i woke up with excruciating pain in my back and lower abdomen. i called the hospital and canceled the surgery and Chris took me to the E.R. where i was diagnosed with kidney stones, oh and not just 1 but 6 all together. 3 in the right kidney, 2 in the left and the 1 i was in the midst of passing. I passed the one but still have 5 left, i followed up with a urologist and they are running a few test to see why i am producing so many and then we will discuss how to get rid of them so i don't have to pass 5 more. So for the kidney stones i am just waiting for all the test results to come back. I rescheduled the surgery for tomorrow. I feel fine so lets just hope i don't wake up sick, so i can have this surgery and they can tell me i don't have cancer (pray i don't have it) and then i can finally start this year out being healthy. On a lighter note i went back to work 2 days a week, which has been nice. Since Caiden is in daycare 2 days a week i figured why not. My mom takes Ashlyn the 2 days i work. Plus it is extra money for us. I also started school last night. I am one busy mamma =). I am taking American Jazz and popular music this semester. I have to take one humanities class so since i took a semester off i figured i would start back with something easy lol. i think it will actually be a very interesting class. Last night all we did was listen to music. With me going back to work and school i think it will take us a month or so to get into a routine, right now i feel like there just isn't enough time in the day.

Caiden Update: Oh were to start with Caiden. He is 3 1/2 and ornery. He is at the age where if he doesn't get his way he screams, yells, and cries till he gets his way which usually ends up with him crying in his room, because i refuse to give into a 3 year old. His tantrums and just plain being defiant were really bad right when he hit 3. In December it started to get a little better and his tantrums are of course still there but defiantly not as bad. I was reading in a book that i got that babies and kids go through 6 month cycles. 6 months they are good and listen with a few tantrums and then there is 6 months of pure hell. I can totally see this with Caiden. He perfect for awhile and then BAM he test every last nerve i have. But all in all i have to say he is a pretty darn good kid. He has been very snuggley and clinging lately. I have been soaking it up because i know it won't last and i love when he curls up in my lap and just relaxes. He is a very active and on the move little boy so sitting in my lap and snuggling i know will not last. Caiden is amazing with his baby sister. We have rearranged out living room and we have a play area now and Caiden will bring her toys or talk to her while she is on the floor with him. It is so darn cute. we took Caiden to the Doctor a couple weeks ago for a cough that just wouldn't seem to go away. They are pretty sure the cough is allergy related, since he has no other symptoms but the cough. We started him on some breathing treatments that are working so well. He hasn't coughed since we started them. He did have to have some blood work done for the allergies to see what may trigger the cough. We found out he is severely allergic to fish. We don't eat fish but i know that at his school they serve fish sticks and tuna. So we have made sure that he gets no fish. He is also allergic to all the seasonal outside stuff, like the rest of America lol. But we are going to take him to a allergist to see about long term treatment of his allergies so that cough doesn't come back. But other wise Caiden is a perfect healthy, 38lb 3 year old that continues to amaze me and say the cutest things everyday.

Ashlyn Update: My little Ashlyn couldn't be any better. She is a happy curious baby. She has found her voice in the last month and loves to use it to let you know she is there. and when she feels she is being ignored she will yell at you. She doesn't cry to much anymore endless she is hungry or in pain. She YELLLS at you. =) She had also found her hands. If you put something in her hand she will grab and hold it. She is slowly starting to grab at things, but they have to be right in front of her. She doesn't really reach out for stuff yet. She LOVES watching her brother play. If i put her on the floor with Caiden she will smile and roll around to follow what he is doing. She still only rolls from her belly to her back. I am pretty sure she can roll from her back to her belly cause she has done it once or twice, she just hates being on her belly. We have tried cereal and oatmeal a couple more times since my last post but anytime you get near her with a spoon she scream. So we have given up on the cereal. I did start trying to give her stage 1 baby food for the past week and she is doing much better with that than the cereal. She tolerates the baby food for about 5 min before she screams. Each time she will eat slightly more. So i am hoping that she will start to like it. At 6 months she is taking 8oz every 3-4 hours so this kids need to start liking food. She needs something to keep that growing belly full. She is still a tiny peanut at 6 month she is only 10lb 12oz. We go in for her 6 month check up next week so i hoping maybe she has hit 11lbs. Ashlyn did have her first little tumble the other day. I set her on the couch (with pillows around her), but some how in the 2 seconds i turned around to help Caiden she was on the floor. I felt like a horrible mother, cause they always tell you don't leave children on the couch or bed alone they will fall off. Uggg since i was right there i didn't think she would roll off that fast but she did. she bonked her head and had a little bump and scratch on her forehead. I called the pediatrician and they had me bring her in just to make sure she was ok (which was probably over kill cause our couches really aren't that high, but better safe than sorry) and she was and is. The minute i picked her up she stopped crying, but her little head seams so fragile. But the doctor said everything looked fine. i still can't believe my little Ashlyn is already a 1/2 a year old. Time is truly going by to fast.

Well i think i covered everything and everyone. We had an amazing holiday season. The kids were spoiled of course. Half of Caiden 's toys that he got are in the closet to start a toy rotation cause he truly got SOO much stuff. As long as he doesn't become a spoiled brat then i am ok with it. I think we are doing a pretty good job at teaching him to appreciate what he has. He received a target gift card for Christmas and while he was picking something out that he wanted he also picked out something for Ashlyn and he used his gift card to buy it for her. It was so darn cute. Anyway i will try and get a few new pics up from the holidays.