Thursday, September 20, 2012

Caiden's New Sticker Chart

Caiden is like every child out there. He likes to push the boundaries and hearing me yell ;)
We started a new incentive chart to help with his behavior. Instead of me yelling at him all the time. He can see when he is bad and also when he is good. 
How it works:

1. We set up some rules that he must follow and with him just barley turning 4, we decided for now the main and most important rule is "Caiden must do as he is told and LISTEN" (two area he struggles with)
2. Caiden can earn up to 3 stickers everyday.
3. Once Caiden is told to do something, such as clean up his toys. He is given 3 chances to complete this task. If he doesn't do as he is told then he get an X. 
4. 0 X= 3 stickers
    1 X= 2 stickers
    2 X= 1 sticker
    3 X= NO stickers
5. At the end of each day we reflect on his chart and add the correct amount of stickers to his chart.
6. Once the sticker chart is filled up, he can choose from two $5 dollar movies i bought or he can choose a special date with mommy or daddy or both (as long as we can find a sitter for baby sister)
As you can see below, yesterday he received 3 stickers for being a Super Star at school and then listening when he got home.
Today he got an X this morning because at swim lessons he wasn't listening to his teacher and had to be put in time out. I also make him mark the X. He also gets to put the stickers on at the end of the day. 

 Caiden's sticker chart

I got the idea from one of the mom's in my mom's group. So far so good we are only on our second day. But seems to be working so far. He really likes seeing his progress. He has been counting the empty squares and telling me how many more stickers he needs. No child is perfect, but with this system i am hoping to give Caiden some more structure and an incentive to be a good listener. 

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