Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ashlyn's Development

Ashlyn had her 3 month weight check with the pediatrician on Tuesday and today we met with her Development Nurse. Needless to say, Ashlyn is doing GREAT and continues to amaze her doctors.
How Ashlyn is developing:
3 month -8lb 4oz and 20.5in
-Holds her head up
-Sits up assisted
-Rolls from tummy to her back
-Sleeps through the night 10pm-7:30am
-Focus on faces and objects
-Brings hands to her mouth
-Eats 4-6 ounces
What Ashlyn should be doing:
-trying to grasp objects

She is still very small for her age, being 3 months old and only the size of an average new born. Her corrected age is 7.5 weeks and is right on track for her corrected age for size.
Her developmental nurse is amazed with her development. She is doing all the things a 3 month old should be for the most part. There are only 3 things she is not doing. She said she should start smiling, babbling and grasping objects in the next month. Her nurse also said her motor skills are advanced for a preemie =). She said everything else will come and that she is very pleased with her development. We don't have to meet with her again till January. Usually she meets with most preemie's every month. Because Ashlyn is doing so well we can go 2 months. We also got the OK to start trying rice cereal in a month. Yikes my baby is growing fast!

All in all we are SOOOO happy with our vists this week. Pediatrician said she is very healthy and Developmental Nurse said she is right on track. It is so good to know that all we went trough with the pregnancy, and she is perfect. One happy mama here.

P.S. Caiden is doing amazing and loves being a big brother.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weight loss

So we have decided that not just losing weight is in order but just eating healthy needs to happen in the Deaner household.
I am 5'7 and before i had Caiden i weighed about 135, after Caiden i weighed about 145, and after Ashlyn i weigh 153. I don't like that trend. I felt my best at between 140 and 145 (145 is pushing it). Weight has never been an issue for me and i know that i am not fat, i just don't feel comfortable in my skin.

Sooooooo, we are going to cut out all the junk (Lord help me) and i am going to try and cook some more healthy items and incorporate more veggies and fruit. This will be good for Caiden to cause i see him following in my junk food habit.

We also have been walking about 2 miles every week night and we do sprints up this huge hill at our community park. With the exercise and healthy eating i hope to lose a few and just feel better all around. I know Chris is excited to he always wants to lose a few. I will make sure to do update on starting and continuing or healthy lifestyle. Wish us luck

Friday, October 14, 2011

It is official Ashlyn is rolling!

We have a roller!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Guess who rolled over last night...... ASHLYN, from her tummy to her back.
Now i am not sure if it was an accident. But when i tried to get her to do it again she screamed.
So we shall try again today during tummy time =) and will try and get some pics as well.
This is huge for her, it means she may not be as far behind as we thought

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Camping = Disaster

We went comping this past weekend. We thought it would be the perfect time to go, not to cold and not to hot. Oh boy where we wrong LOL
we left Saturday morning and drove to Bartlett Lake and set up camp. It was beautiful out. The temp out was i think in the high 70's low 80's. We spent the day setting up camp and just relaxing and enjoying the weather. Our friends Tony and Sherry met us out there. Everything was going great. Caiden was getting dirty and loving every minute of it and Ashlyn was just hanging out in her rocker taking it all in.

But once the sun went down Ashlyn was done with this whole camping thing. She had her night time bottle and slept for about an hour. she woke up screaming so we just held her thinking that maybe she was cold or just out of her element. The temp out at night was high 50's low 60's. So not super cold out. She was fine till we put her down to go to bed. She fussed a little but fell asleep for about another hour and then all hell broke lose. She woke up screaming at the top of her lungs. I mean you could hear her screams echoing off the mountains LOL. When i couldn't settle her down i thought maybe she was cold so i took her into the truck and turned the heat on and gave her a warm bottle. Needless to say i don't think she was cold. She continued to scream all night. I stayed in the truck with her to contain her screams so we didn't wake up everyone in a 5 mile radius. She finally wore her self out at about 4am and slept for about 2 hours. I didn't get any sleep. The truck looks big but trying to sleep in it is not comfy. Once the sun was up i was out of there. It warmed up quick so i took her out of the truck and put her in her rocker and of course she slept. after her morning nap she woke up and still was not happy. So we gave up and packed up and called it a day. We were home by 1pm on Sunday and she slept the rest of the day.

It wasn't all bad, Saturday night we enjoyed a camp fire with marsh-mellows. Tony brought his golf cart so we took that out and did a little exploring. We took Caiden down by the water and let him play. He loved playing in the dirt and running around getting dirty. When we got home i put him directly into the bath and he turned the bath water brown lol. Had to drain and refill the bath he was so dirty LOL. We saw skunks and of course ran the other way. One skunk made into out neighbors campsite and listening to them run and scream trying to get the thing out of there campsite was hilarious. Thank goodness the Skunk Chris and Caiden saw was down by the water and never made it to our campsite. Although we did smell one which was probably the one in our neighbors campsite.

All-n-all it wasn't all bad i was just tired and cranky on Sunday. We did have fun. There are some pictures below of our adventures. Guess we will have to try again next year when Ashlyn is a little older.

Our Tent

Caiden and Tony going out for a golf cart ride

This is how little boys pee while camping LOL right in front of everyone

Sitting around the camp fire

Sherry and Caiden

Ashlyn in the tent before the screaming