Monday, October 17, 2011

Weight loss

So we have decided that not just losing weight is in order but just eating healthy needs to happen in the Deaner household.
I am 5'7 and before i had Caiden i weighed about 135, after Caiden i weighed about 145, and after Ashlyn i weigh 153. I don't like that trend. I felt my best at between 140 and 145 (145 is pushing it). Weight has never been an issue for me and i know that i am not fat, i just don't feel comfortable in my skin.

Sooooooo, we are going to cut out all the junk (Lord help me) and i am going to try and cook some more healthy items and incorporate more veggies and fruit. This will be good for Caiden to cause i see him following in my junk food habit.

We also have been walking about 2 miles every week night and we do sprints up this huge hill at our community park. With the exercise and healthy eating i hope to lose a few and just feel better all around. I know Chris is excited to he always wants to lose a few. I will make sure to do update on starting and continuing or healthy lifestyle. Wish us luck

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