Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ashlyn update and more =)

Ashlyn had her 4 month check up (yep she is 4 months can you believe it) yesterday. She is doing amazing. Her stats where:
9lb 3oz and 21in
The Pediatrician said she see's babies born bigger than her all the time lol. She also said she is doing some things a 5 month full term baby does. (remember her corrected age is 3 month). Ashlyn supports her weight and sits assisted. She is smiling so much now. She rolls for tummy to back. She tries SOOOO hard to roll from her back to her belly, but not quite there yet. The best of all she is sleeping through the night. Overall she is doing amazing and progressing perfectly. =)
We got the ok to start trying rice cereal. So below are a couple pictures of her first bites from last night.

Her very first bite! It came right back out
She was not to sure about the spoon
Nope not liking this one bit
She finally started opening her mouth for the spoon. Still couldn't keep much in her mouth, but we will work on it

So with all these big milestones Ashlyn meets, brings bittersweet thoughts. I know this is my last child and it is like each day a chapter in our life ends. Don't get me wrong i NEVER want to pregnant again, we don't get along. And i am so thankful for both my healthy babies. But to think i will never hold a newborn that is mine, wake in the middle of the night with a newborn, be so tired it hurts. (i know i am crazy) Never see those first smiles again, never get to give those first bites. The only good thing about haveing a (healthy) preemie, is each stage last just a little longer. With Caiden i was in such a rush to move to the next stage, but i knew that some day we would add to our family. With Ashlyn i want to move as slow as possible. I am having the hardest time moving Ashlyn to her crib in her room. I did move her from her upright sleeper to laying flat in the pack-n-play in are room and she has been sleeping good. Guess i am just ready to close the "in our room sleeping" chapter. lol

Moving on, Caiden is doing amazing and growing so fast (which i don't like either). He is so independent these days. He wants to do everything himself. He is amazing with his sister and always wants to help with her. We have been trying to schedule some alone time with him, with just mommy or daddy. I took him grocery shopping with me the other day just me and him and he loved it. When daddy does yard work, he loves to spend that time with just them two. He has been starting to act out a little lately, so i think this one on one time will help a lot. i have already seen his behavior change a little. and of course i keep us very busy through out the week, which seems to help. We also started a reward system with him. He gets "coins" when he does something good with out being asked or listens. and at 5 coins (i did have it at 10 coins that did not work took to long to get 10 coins) he gets a prize. I took him to the dollar store and let him pick out a bunch of toys or whatever he wanted and we put them in a basket and he gets to pick one of the toys when he get his 5 coins. This also seems to help with his behavior. The Pediatrician thinks he is acting out for attention, since our time in now spit. All these techniques seem to be helping. He continues to amaze me each day. He is so smart and some of the things he says and knows blows my mind that it is coming from a 3 year old.

So the holidays are upon us and i am SOO excited. Last year i spent the holidays in bed sick out of my mind. Pregnancy was not nice to me. Not only will i be able to enjoy it but i will get to enjoy it with my babies and family. I am already done Christmas shopping for the kids and i only spent about $120. Love Kohls. Now i just have to be patient and wait to give them there gifts =)