Friday, May 15, 2009

Hi ALL!!!
Well i am really bad at keeping up on this blogging stuff. Caiden is now 10 1/2 months. Next month is his big birthday!! I am pretty excited but just can't believe how fast the past year has gone by. Oh Caiden is walking now. Each day he walks more and more and crawls less. When he does crawl it is not a normal crawl it is a spider crawl he doesn't put his knees on the ground. next week we are going on vacation. We are really excited about that. We are going to Cleveland to visit Chris's Family. We will be there 6 days. Then when we get back a week later i start school. I am kinda scarred but it is just one class this semester.
Chris is doing good. Nothing new to report on him he is just being a daddy and a hubby. We are doing great. I will let you all know how our trip goes when we get back.

Monday, March 16, 2009

HI ALL!!!!!
It has been awhile since i have written. We have been doing great Caiden is 8 1/2 months now. I can't believe how fast he is growing. He has FINALLY sprouted 2 teeth. He bites now so watch out. He is all over the place he has been crawling for about 3 1/2 months now so he is fast. He pulls himself to stand and cruises around everything.
A little up date on Chris. If you don't already know he had shoulder surgery. He is doing really good. The doctors can't believe how well he is doing it has been 3 weeks and is in very little pain and can do almost everything he was doing before. Baseball will have to wait till next summer though. He still has some limitations but for haveing surgery 3 weeks ago he is doing awesome. Oh and he had a wisdom tooth pulled last week. He is a trooper. He couldn't open his mouth for 2 days. Poor guy. But his mouth is all better now.
And finally a update on me. I am starting school June 1st to get my nursing degree. I am super nervous and excited. Only starting out with one or two classes to get my feet wet.
Our little family is doing super well and i know i keep saying this but hopefully i will get some pics up soon. My computer got a stupid virus on it so till that's fixed i can't get to my pictures.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I am so excited for him. That test was really stressing him out. I am so glad he is done with it
He is an official.....
Caiden is 7 months today

Caiden on his train he got for Christmas

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well it has been awhile since i have posted anything. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!! We had a great time. Christmas was great Caiden was so freakin cute. He loved all the presents. He did get a little overwhelmed with all the paper and new toys. We took a ton of pics and i will try and get some up.
New Years was good as well. We didn't do anything i think we were all asleep by 10:30pm. LOL but that's OK.
Caiden got a little sick over the holidays, let me tell you a little about that.........
So Caiden started with a runny nose and a little cough. Nothing big just a little cold. Well being in the field if work that i am ( Medical Field) he started to get worse over the next week. Little medical lesson. Kids can act completely normal but be really sick. The just keep going and going no matter what. Any of you with kids you know this. Anyway he started coughing more and is nose got so bad that he couldn't breath out of it at all so we kept sucking the gunk out of his nose and he was just miserable. He started running a low grade fever. So i made the decision that it was time to take him to the doctor. Well his doctor was out of town. So we decided to go to Urgent Care which no big deal wasn't busy at all. So when we saw the Physician he told us that his chest sounded great but he looked a little jaundice. "REALLY" i said. Another medical lesson Jaundice is a liver condition that most newborns suffer from turns there skin yellow. With a little UV light it corrects itself. And the chances of it coming back is like 1 in a million. So at this point i am like well maybe is face is a little yellow but it eyes are still white so he is not REALLY jaundice. But the physician the scared the crap out of us and told us we needed to go to the E.R right away he was really worried about his liver. So we are off to the E.R.. And for any of you that know me well i am freaking by this point. My son's liver is going to fall out!! We get to the E.R and they were great there the doctor came in took one look at him and told us that he was not Jaundice it was from his baby food a really big word that i am not going to even try and spell. So then checked him over for his cough and runny nose and said that he just had a cold which is what i thought but want a DOCTOR to tell me not a stupid physician. Anyway 200 dollars later out son is fine. 50 to the stupid urgent care and 150 to the E.R. Oh-well rather be safe than sorry. Just glad that his liver is not going to fall out!! LOL