Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It Has Been To Long

Well as always life has gotten the better of me and I haven't updated for over 8 months. Well I am here to fix that. We have all been doing really well, Not much has changed with Chris and I. Just being parents and enjoying the kiddos. Lots have been going on with the kids, so I will get you all caught up on them.

Caiden is of course doing amazing. He turned 5, had a preschool graduation, and started kindergarten all in the last few months. He had a bit of a rough start in his kindergarten class. His behavior was not the best and he was coming home with some red lights. After lots of talking and adjusting to his new schedule, he has done a compete 180. He is getting green lights and exceeding in every area. We had parent teacher conferences last week and his teacher had nothing but positive things to say about his improvement. So proud of him. He gets to ride the bus to school and is loving it. I pick him up after school, not quite ready for him to ride it home to.We are thinking about starting him in Karate. He had a trial class and gets to go for a month free. He seems to really like it and I think it might help with his listening skills and self control. Will keep you posted on how that goes. We had his 5 year well child check yesterday. He is 47 pounds and 45.3 inches. That is the 80th percentile for both. 

Ashlyn oh Ashlyn, over the last few month she had tubes put in her ears, had 2 cat scans, started speech therapy, and now has to have blood work done. Well some of you may know that she was getting ear infection every 2 weeks, so we finally met with and ENT and has tubes put in her ears. After the tubes were put in she continued to get severe ear infection in her right ear. Left ear was perfect. After months of constant ear infection, the ENT ordered a CT of her inner ear to see if there was something unseen that was causing all these infections. They had to sedate her for this CT and it was so awful. Well the results on the CT came back that her ear was perfect BUT there was some time of blockage in her nasal cavity. So doctor ordered another CT and thank god it came back normal. So we are not sure were all the ear infections were coming from, but they have resolved and we have been ear infection free for about 3 month. She started speech therapy in July. In July she really didn't talk at all. But as of today she has so many words I have stopped counting. We are down to speech therapy once a month. It seems that everyday she has a new word and actually repeating what we tell her to say. This has been a huge step for her. So happy that she can communicate what she wants now. We have a saying and it is "She will do it in Ashlyn time". Doctors have always wanted her to do things by the book and that is just not Ashlyn. She does things her way. =) Ashlyn also had her 2 year well child check up yesterday and she came in at 20.4 pounds and 33.2 inches. The doctor was not happy with her weight at all. She is actually 2 years 3 month (27 months) and she should be closer to 30 pounds. After looking at her chart and seeing that she has only gained about .5 pounds over a year, she decided it is time to figure out why she isn't gaining. The best case would be that she just isn't taking in enough calories for her activity level. Don't really want to talk about the other options till we know for sure. She has to have some blood work done to see if anything is off with that. As of right now she unfortunately is back on the bottle. =( She has to drink 3 high calorie drinks a day on top of her normal diet. I have tried for month to get her to drink milk, ANYTHING besides water out of her sippy cup and she just won't do it. Well the doctor said enough is enough, she must gain weight so if the only way she will take formula is through a bottle then give her the bottle. So we started back on the bottle yesterday and she has 1 month to show weight gain before we discuss other options. They finally gave her the diagnosis of  failure to thrive.  We have been avoiding this diagnosis since she was born. Unfortunately, she has finally received it. Hopefully we can reverse this diagnosis soon. Aside from all this stuff, you would never know she is going through anything. She is such a happy sassy little thing. She loves to torture her brother and wants to be wherever he is and do what ever he is doing. She loves to run and play and is such a tough little girl.  I just hope this weight thing is just another "Ashlyn time" thing and she will start growing soon. =) I will update when we know more.

The holidays are right around the corner, and the days seem to be going faster and faster.We are getting excited to celebrate and EAT lots ;-) 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Sad Spoon!

As a parent, everyday is a learning experience. Some days I feel I fail as a mother and other I feel like the best mother. I am always learning and changing what is best for my children. Ashlyn is still very young and is  exploring the world. She doesn't test the boundaries quite yet (lord help me when she does) . But Caiden on the other hand is my extremely strong willed, push the limits little boy. Nothing seems to faze him. We have been on a roller coaster with him since he turned 3. He never went through the "terrible two's". But once he hit 3 it was all over. 

I am sure a lot of it is, he feels he is competing with his sister for our time. Caiden will scream and yell, and just plain be defiant. We have tried many different methods of discipline with him, with them all failing after just a few month.

Time outs - FAIL I would have to sit on him to get him to stay
Yelling - FAIL He just yells back
Getting down on his level and "talking" about it - FAIL He just yells back
Ignoring him - FAIL It makes the tantrum even longer
Taking things away - FAIL We would have nothing left in the house

The list goes on.................................... FAIL.......................

Now I know that all of this is not uncommon for his age group, and he is not rotten all the time. Just most of the time. *wink* =). His teacher at school tell me he is one of the most well behaved kids, always listens, and loves to be the "helper". My jaw dropped, and I ask if they were confused with another child. They confirmed that we were speaking about Caiden Deaner. Shoot I guess I am doing something right after all.

Anyway our last attempt at discipline has officially FAILED! We were doing a sticker chart reward system and it work great for awhile. But it hit me the other day while at a friends house, watching her kids and repeatedly ask him to stop doing something and he came over and kicked me. Though I was extremely embarrassed and well pissed off. I had a AHA moment!

Our current system was, he filled a chart full of sticker and he got some type of prize (i.e. a new toy). Well the lesson learned, giving a child (especially my child) a new toy was not teaching him anything. This chart system may have worked better with a different outcome or "prize".

Well after that moment when he kicked me, I was at a loss as how to discipline him in that moment, without beating the tar out of him (disclaimer i would never really do that). My mommy friend came to the rescue with the "Sad Spoon". (just a wooden spoon with a sad face on it) She explained to him what happens when the sad spoon comes out (a spanking). He was not thrilled at the idea but started listening, though still screaming, (which I was OK with at the moment) he sat in time out till he was ready to apologize for his actions. 

This "Sad Spoon" got me to thinking, was I really OK with the idea of spanking my child. The answer to that question is yes. I know times are different these days and so many people are against spanking, but the way I look at it is, kids these days are spoiled brats and really get away with just about anything. When I was a kid I remember my dad spanking me with his belt and let me tell you, he would just have to point at his belt and I would straighten right up. It only took one time. Some might think i am a bad mother for "spanking" my child. I am not beating him, just a light tap on the back side to remind him, of his bad behavior, may be just what my strong willed child might need.

We will also continue with the sticker chart but his rewards will change drastically. For example when he fills a chart up he can choose from:

A walk/bike ride to the park with just Mommy or Daddy or the whole family if he chooses
He can pick a movie (he already has) to watch after dinner
He can pick a toy (he already has) that he doesn't get to play with often (playdoh, his paints, chalk, his water slide) 
dessert before dinner (what kid wouldn't love that every once on awhile)

I want his "prizes" to mean something, something he earned. He doesn't understand money yet so just buying him a toy was worthless and teaching him nothing more than to be a spoiled brat. 

i would like to end on a good note, I may have made it come across that Caiden is a horrible child. Yes, he is a stubborn, strong willed little boy. But he is not bad all the time. He is the best big brother in the world. I love watching them interact with his sister. Ashlyn can not get enough of her big brother. Caiden is such a snuggler. Every night after Sissy goes to bed we snuggle in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Melts my heart when he tells me he loves me. He loves to be my big helper. When I pick him up from school and he tells me all about his day. The way he looks up to his daddy SOOOO much. His favorite thing to do when I am cleaning is to help me dust. The way he loves to do his "homework" when I am doing mine. I could go on forever. I wouldn't change my little boy for anything!

Our usual before bed conversation:

Me: I love you so very much.
Caiden: I love you to, you are my favorite Mommy.
Me: You are my favorite little boy.
Caiden: Daddy is my favorite Daddy.
Me: Daddy is my favorite Daddy to.
Caiden: Sissy is my favorite Sissy.
Me: Sissy is my favorite little girl. 
Caiden: I love you.
Me: I love you to.

We may have had this conversation a million times but each and every time it is like the first time. One moment that will hold a special place in my heart till, forever. =)


Friday, January 4, 2013


Christmas was amazing this year. It was such a fun year. Ashlyn is getting old enough to enjoy it and Caiden is the perfect age. We really enjoyed our first Christmas in our new house. Christmas eve, Chris had an app or something on his phone that tracked Santa. Caiden was obsessed with this, continually asking where Santa was, and when he got close he actually made us put him to bed LOL. Me and Caiden baked cookies for Santa and cut up carrots for his reindeer. 

Christmas morning I was up and showered by 5:30am just waiting for the kids to wake up. Of course they slept till 8am. Caiden came running in our room yelling "Santa came, Santa came". We went down stairs and opened up all our presents. I loved watching Caiden's face as he opened each gift. Ashlyn opened a couple gifts but was moving to slow for Caiden. So, Caiden helped her open most of her gifts. She wasn't very interested in the opening process she just loved playing with the toys under the paper.

At 10:00am we went to my moms where Santa had brought more presents for the kiddos. We ate snacks opened more presents and spent time as a family.

At 12:00pm we headed over to my Aunt and Uncles for Christmas dinner. We always have my grandma's famous lasagna. It was so yummy I ate way to much and was in so much pain. I swore off food till of course the next day. 

After spending the rest of the day at my Aunt and Uncles we headed home and stopped by the Kujala's for one last Christmas celebration.

It was a busy day and the kids were asleep before we made it home. But it was an amazing day and of course the kids were spoiled. 

The next morning as we were opening all the new toys. Caiden and I stopped and went through all his old toys he had and we donated a huge box of toys. He was the one that made the decision to donate these toys to. These donations were on top of the toys we donated before Christmas when we were moving and found a ton of toys he didn't play with anymore. I was very proud of him. 

Overall i could not be more happy with our holiday season. I was very stressed with the move and getting settled before the holidays. It all worked out for the best. We are amazingly blessed, and couldn't ask for anything more.

New Years was low key for us. All our friends headed to the dunes for New Years. I was looking for something to do that was family and kid friendly. Mill Ave was having a new years celebration from 6-9pm that was kid and family friendly. So we drove out there picked up our friend Terisha, parked and rode  the light rail to Mill Ave. Well it turned out to be a huge bust. The kids area sucked and there was nothing else really going on. We decided to have nice dinner and then call it a night. Dinner was yummy and by the time we left the restaurant at 9:30ish, Mill Ave was BUSY! We hopped back on the light rail and headed home before all the craziness and drunk people got on the road. Caiden was super sad because he wanted to go to the "party"(kid area on Mill). We tried to tell him that we went to the "party" but that there wasn't much going on. He cried till he fell asleep in the car. We lit sparklers the next night to make up for the stupid "party" on  Mill Ave.

Tracking Santa

Santa Came

My Sassy, Silly Girl

Love Her

Ashlyn's First Present

Caiden's Turn

So Excited 


Ashlyn Checking Out Payson New Car

Both Babies Just Hanging Out

First Light Rail Ride With Terisha



Ashlyn had a weight check at 16 month. She weighed in at 17lb & 13oz. She was 30in long. She continues to grow but just can seem to gain weight. She actually dropped in percentile. So this was a bit of a concern for her pediatrician. Ashlyn is still on formula, so to up her calories we are added pedisure. She is still struggling with eating. But she is making progress with eating but it slow going. The Pediatrician is working with the insurance to try and get he some feeding therapy. But we shall see. Ashlyn seems to be on her own schedule and she will eat more when she is ready.

Ashlyn will be 18 months on the 15th of Jan. She has changed SOOO much in the last month. She is a sassy, diva baby.

Ashlyn's Development:

- Words - mama, dada, keykey (blanky), bye bye, brother. 
- Ashlyn points at just about anything she wants. She gets very frustrated at times because communication is hard.
- If you ask her to bring you something she will bring you what you ask her to, except a diaper. If you ask her for a diaper she will run the other way. 
- She can tell you what the doggy says and what the kitty says
- She knows were her nose is, or will usually point at it on my face for her babies face.
- She waves bye bye when we leave and the cutest thing is when i put her in her crib for nap or bed she says bye bye and waves.
- Teeth - She has her 2 top front and bottom teeth and one molar. 5 total.

Ashlyn is a very busy, sassy, strong willed little girl. She is the complete opposite of Caiden at this age. Ashlyn gets into everything. She just figured out she can open all the kitchen cabinets. Something Caiden NEVER did. She throws full blown tantrum, throw-yourself-on-the-floor-kicking-and-screaming-till-you-get-what-you-want tantrums. She HATES the car. I think a lot of the reason is she still has to be rear facing because of her weight. Hopefully once she is forward facing, car rides won't be so miserable. She screams, does not really cry, she screams which makes being in public rough when she decides she wants something or is done being in the cart or highchair. Since she started walking about 3 months ago she doesn't want anything to do with sitting still. She will bring you her shoes if she knows someone is going outside. She absolutely LOVES her brother. She loves running and playing with him. When her brother is around she is the happiest. Caiden is a bit of a bully to her, something we are working on but she has started to give it back to him. She will scream at him and he is not sure what to do when she does it. He looks at me or Chris like "are you going to make her stop" LOL. It is her way of telling him to back off. But for the most part they get along really well and play great together.

And the biggest news in Ashlyn's development is last night she started drinking water from her sippy cup!!! I had backed off on the whole sippy cup thing and figured she was going to be on a bottle a little longer because of her not eating solids. But last night i was like what the heck, I gave her a sippy with water in it and I took out the water flow valve, so when she tipped it, it would drip water. She loved it and this morning I put the spill proof valve back in and she started sucking on it. This is HUGE for her. She got mad when i tried to take it. She gets so excited when she gets water out of it. Just yet another sign Ashlyn is on her own schedule for her development. =)

Ashlyn Loving Her Sippy