Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ashlyn Then & Now

My baby girl is 6 month old, a half a year old! Where has the time gone.
Ashlyn is doing absolutely amazing!
Then - 3lb 6oz / NOW - 11lb 5oz
Then - 16in / NOW - 24.5in
Then - eating 1.5oz / NOW - eating 8oz
Then - up every 2-3 hours / NOW - sleeping through the night

She has come such a long way in such a short time. She is now in the 5 percentile for her length. Finally on the charts. This is a huge step and a great sign that she is well on her way to catching up. She still in the negative percentile for her weight. But not to far off the chart. She is such a happy baby. Rarely cries, only when she has a dirty diaper or is hungry and even then it isn't a real cry just a little fussing. We were finally able to switch her formula to the Similac Sensitive, from the Similac Alimentum. This has been wonderful, the Alimentum was $30 a can the Sensitive is $15 a can. She is also not longer on her re-flux medicine. Which i am very happy about. Hate giving a baby so young any type of medicine. I think every once in awhile she may still get a little re-flux, but nothing like it was before and it doesn't seem to bother anymore. She is an amazing sleeper. I put her down at 8:30ish and she will sleep till almost 9. I don't know how i got so lucky with 2 good sleeper ( maybe god knew i would never be able to handle bad sleepers). We have introduced stage one baby foods, which she seems to hate. But the pediatrician said to keep at it, she will learn that it is good stuff. (I hope) Overall we could not be more happy with her progress and development. She is perfect in every way possible.


Monday, January 30, 2012

3 Year Old Funny Moments

Just a couple funny Caiden moments.
His new thing is when you make him mad or do something that doesn't please him he says "Are you kidding me". He is so serious to. I wish i could video tape it but, just can't seem to catch the exact moment. =)
Caiden keeps saying he had a big baby in his tummy. lol i keep trying to explain to him that only girls and mommies can have baby's and his response to that is "No, mommy my baby is a boy". So until he can understand that only girls can have babies, i will have a 3 year old pretending he had a big baby in his tummy.
Last but not least my mom was getting him some juice the other day and was asking him what cup he wanted. She asked "Do you want the Winnie the Pooh cup" and Caiden's response the that was "No, Grandma i don't have to poop, i want the bear cup". I was in the midst of a kidney stone attack, waiting for Chris to get home to take me the E.R. and as much pain as i was in i was still rolling on the floor laughing. (half from the pain) lol. He truly says the funniest things and i wish i could catch and remember them all. But i am going to try and at least get them here on here. =)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deaner Family Update

Well it has been 2 months since i have updated my blog, guess it is time =). The holidays have come and gone and so much has happened in the last 2 months i haven't had a free moment. So while everyone is napping i will update:

Chris Update: Chris is doing great, He has been helping my dad with his invention and garbage can business. Which he seems to be enjoying so far. He is still playing baseball on weekends and has been taking a small break from it during the winter. I think he is the only one in the house these days that seems to be the same. lol he goes to work, comes home and does the daddy thing. =) He is an amazing hands on dad.

Dana/Me Update: Well things have been a little crazy for me. Early December i had Surgery on my right cheek to have a cyst removed that i have had there for years it was just starting to bother me and hurt so i figured it was time to get it looked at. Had a Cat-Scan that showed it was just a small mass or cyst and the surgeon went ahead and removed it. Everything went great, went in for my follow up and to have the stitches removed and oh ya by the way you might have cancer. I guess the pathology report on the cyst showed some abnormal cells or cells that looked like they MIGHT be cancer. So without a straight answer on the pathology report the surgeon decided it would be best to go back in and get a little more of a sample to rule out any cancer. So we scheduled the surgery for early January. If all this wasn't stress full enough i got strep throat a week before i was to have the second surgery which cleared up and the doc said i was ok for surgery. BUUUUT the day of the surgery i woke up with excruciating pain in my back and lower abdomen. i called the hospital and canceled the surgery and Chris took me to the E.R. where i was diagnosed with kidney stones, oh and not just 1 but 6 all together. 3 in the right kidney, 2 in the left and the 1 i was in the midst of passing. I passed the one but still have 5 left, i followed up with a urologist and they are running a few test to see why i am producing so many and then we will discuss how to get rid of them so i don't have to pass 5 more. So for the kidney stones i am just waiting for all the test results to come back. I rescheduled the surgery for tomorrow. I feel fine so lets just hope i don't wake up sick, so i can have this surgery and they can tell me i don't have cancer (pray i don't have it) and then i can finally start this year out being healthy. On a lighter note i went back to work 2 days a week, which has been nice. Since Caiden is in daycare 2 days a week i figured why not. My mom takes Ashlyn the 2 days i work. Plus it is extra money for us. I also started school last night. I am one busy mamma =). I am taking American Jazz and popular music this semester. I have to take one humanities class so since i took a semester off i figured i would start back with something easy lol. i think it will actually be a very interesting class. Last night all we did was listen to music. With me going back to work and school i think it will take us a month or so to get into a routine, right now i feel like there just isn't enough time in the day.

Caiden Update: Oh were to start with Caiden. He is 3 1/2 and ornery. He is at the age where if he doesn't get his way he screams, yells, and cries till he gets his way which usually ends up with him crying in his room, because i refuse to give into a 3 year old. His tantrums and just plain being defiant were really bad right when he hit 3. In December it started to get a little better and his tantrums are of course still there but defiantly not as bad. I was reading in a book that i got that babies and kids go through 6 month cycles. 6 months they are good and listen with a few tantrums and then there is 6 months of pure hell. I can totally see this with Caiden. He perfect for awhile and then BAM he test every last nerve i have. But all in all i have to say he is a pretty darn good kid. He has been very snuggley and clinging lately. I have been soaking it up because i know it won't last and i love when he curls up in my lap and just relaxes. He is a very active and on the move little boy so sitting in my lap and snuggling i know will not last. Caiden is amazing with his baby sister. We have rearranged out living room and we have a play area now and Caiden will bring her toys or talk to her while she is on the floor with him. It is so darn cute. we took Caiden to the Doctor a couple weeks ago for a cough that just wouldn't seem to go away. They are pretty sure the cough is allergy related, since he has no other symptoms but the cough. We started him on some breathing treatments that are working so well. He hasn't coughed since we started them. He did have to have some blood work done for the allergies to see what may trigger the cough. We found out he is severely allergic to fish. We don't eat fish but i know that at his school they serve fish sticks and tuna. So we have made sure that he gets no fish. He is also allergic to all the seasonal outside stuff, like the rest of America lol. But we are going to take him to a allergist to see about long term treatment of his allergies so that cough doesn't come back. But other wise Caiden is a perfect healthy, 38lb 3 year old that continues to amaze me and say the cutest things everyday.

Ashlyn Update: My little Ashlyn couldn't be any better. She is a happy curious baby. She has found her voice in the last month and loves to use it to let you know she is there. and when she feels she is being ignored she will yell at you. She doesn't cry to much anymore endless she is hungry or in pain. She YELLLS at you. =) She had also found her hands. If you put something in her hand she will grab and hold it. She is slowly starting to grab at things, but they have to be right in front of her. She doesn't really reach out for stuff yet. She LOVES watching her brother play. If i put her on the floor with Caiden she will smile and roll around to follow what he is doing. She still only rolls from her belly to her back. I am pretty sure she can roll from her back to her belly cause she has done it once or twice, she just hates being on her belly. We have tried cereal and oatmeal a couple more times since my last post but anytime you get near her with a spoon she scream. So we have given up on the cereal. I did start trying to give her stage 1 baby food for the past week and she is doing much better with that than the cereal. She tolerates the baby food for about 5 min before she screams. Each time she will eat slightly more. So i am hoping that she will start to like it. At 6 months she is taking 8oz every 3-4 hours so this kids need to start liking food. She needs something to keep that growing belly full. She is still a tiny peanut at 6 month she is only 10lb 12oz. We go in for her 6 month check up next week so i hoping maybe she has hit 11lbs. Ashlyn did have her first little tumble the other day. I set her on the couch (with pillows around her), but some how in the 2 seconds i turned around to help Caiden she was on the floor. I felt like a horrible mother, cause they always tell you don't leave children on the couch or bed alone they will fall off. Uggg since i was right there i didn't think she would roll off that fast but she did. she bonked her head and had a little bump and scratch on her forehead. I called the pediatrician and they had me bring her in just to make sure she was ok (which was probably over kill cause our couches really aren't that high, but better safe than sorry) and she was and is. The minute i picked her up she stopped crying, but her little head seams so fragile. But the doctor said everything looked fine. i still can't believe my little Ashlyn is already a 1/2 a year old. Time is truly going by to fast.

Well i think i covered everything and everyone. We had an amazing holiday season. The kids were spoiled of course. Half of Caiden 's toys that he got are in the closet to start a toy rotation cause he truly got SOO much stuff. As long as he doesn't become a spoiled brat then i am ok with it. I think we are doing a pretty good job at teaching him to appreciate what he has. He received a target gift card for Christmas and while he was picking something out that he wanted he also picked out something for Ashlyn and he used his gift card to buy it for her. It was so darn cute. Anyway i will try and get a few new pics up from the holidays.