Monday, January 30, 2012

3 Year Old Funny Moments

Just a couple funny Caiden moments.
His new thing is when you make him mad or do something that doesn't please him he says "Are you kidding me". He is so serious to. I wish i could video tape it but, just can't seem to catch the exact moment. =)
Caiden keeps saying he had a big baby in his tummy. lol i keep trying to explain to him that only girls and mommies can have baby's and his response to that is "No, mommy my baby is a boy". So until he can understand that only girls can have babies, i will have a 3 year old pretending he had a big baby in his tummy.
Last but not least my mom was getting him some juice the other day and was asking him what cup he wanted. She asked "Do you want the Winnie the Pooh cup" and Caiden's response the that was "No, Grandma i don't have to poop, i want the bear cup". I was in the midst of a kidney stone attack, waiting for Chris to get home to take me the E.R. and as much pain as i was in i was still rolling on the floor laughing. (half from the pain) lol. He truly says the funniest things and i wish i could catch and remember them all. But i am going to try and at least get them here on here. =)

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