Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ashlyn Then & Now

My baby girl is 6 month old, a half a year old! Where has the time gone.
Ashlyn is doing absolutely amazing!
Then - 3lb 6oz / NOW - 11lb 5oz
Then - 16in / NOW - 24.5in
Then - eating 1.5oz / NOW - eating 8oz
Then - up every 2-3 hours / NOW - sleeping through the night

She has come such a long way in such a short time. She is now in the 5 percentile for her length. Finally on the charts. This is a huge step and a great sign that she is well on her way to catching up. She still in the negative percentile for her weight. But not to far off the chart. She is such a happy baby. Rarely cries, only when she has a dirty diaper or is hungry and even then it isn't a real cry just a little fussing. We were finally able to switch her formula to the Similac Sensitive, from the Similac Alimentum. This has been wonderful, the Alimentum was $30 a can the Sensitive is $15 a can. She is also not longer on her re-flux medicine. Which i am very happy about. Hate giving a baby so young any type of medicine. I think every once in awhile she may still get a little re-flux, but nothing like it was before and it doesn't seem to bother anymore. She is an amazing sleeper. I put her down at 8:30ish and she will sleep till almost 9. I don't know how i got so lucky with 2 good sleeper ( maybe god knew i would never be able to handle bad sleepers). We have introduced stage one baby foods, which she seems to hate. But the pediatrician said to keep at it, she will learn that it is good stuff. (I hope) Overall we could not be more happy with her progress and development. She is perfect in every way possible.


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Teodosio Family said...

I LOVE this. I am so happy to hear she is doing so well. Awesome about the reflux meds - Abbie was off for about 3 days and it was awful. :( Sounds like little miss Ashlyn is doing wonderfully. I can't wait to see you guys.