Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It Has Been To Long

Well as always life has gotten the better of me and I haven't updated for over 8 months. Well I am here to fix that. We have all been doing really well, Not much has changed with Chris and I. Just being parents and enjoying the kiddos. Lots have been going on with the kids, so I will get you all caught up on them.

Caiden is of course doing amazing. He turned 5, had a preschool graduation, and started kindergarten all in the last few months. He had a bit of a rough start in his kindergarten class. His behavior was not the best and he was coming home with some red lights. After lots of talking and adjusting to his new schedule, he has done a compete 180. He is getting green lights and exceeding in every area. We had parent teacher conferences last week and his teacher had nothing but positive things to say about his improvement. So proud of him. He gets to ride the bus to school and is loving it. I pick him up after school, not quite ready for him to ride it home to.We are thinking about starting him in Karate. He had a trial class and gets to go for a month free. He seems to really like it and I think it might help with his listening skills and self control. Will keep you posted on how that goes. We had his 5 year well child check yesterday. He is 47 pounds and 45.3 inches. That is the 80th percentile for both. 

Ashlyn oh Ashlyn, over the last few month she had tubes put in her ears, had 2 cat scans, started speech therapy, and now has to have blood work done. Well some of you may know that she was getting ear infection every 2 weeks, so we finally met with and ENT and has tubes put in her ears. After the tubes were put in she continued to get severe ear infection in her right ear. Left ear was perfect. After months of constant ear infection, the ENT ordered a CT of her inner ear to see if there was something unseen that was causing all these infections. They had to sedate her for this CT and it was so awful. Well the results on the CT came back that her ear was perfect BUT there was some time of blockage in her nasal cavity. So doctor ordered another CT and thank god it came back normal. So we are not sure were all the ear infections were coming from, but they have resolved and we have been ear infection free for about 3 month. She started speech therapy in July. In July she really didn't talk at all. But as of today she has so many words I have stopped counting. We are down to speech therapy once a month. It seems that everyday she has a new word and actually repeating what we tell her to say. This has been a huge step for her. So happy that she can communicate what she wants now. We have a saying and it is "She will do it in Ashlyn time". Doctors have always wanted her to do things by the book and that is just not Ashlyn. She does things her way. =) Ashlyn also had her 2 year well child check up yesterday and she came in at 20.4 pounds and 33.2 inches. The doctor was not happy with her weight at all. She is actually 2 years 3 month (27 months) and she should be closer to 30 pounds. After looking at her chart and seeing that she has only gained about .5 pounds over a year, she decided it is time to figure out why she isn't gaining. The best case would be that she just isn't taking in enough calories for her activity level. Don't really want to talk about the other options till we know for sure. She has to have some blood work done to see if anything is off with that. As of right now she unfortunately is back on the bottle. =( She has to drink 3 high calorie drinks a day on top of her normal diet. I have tried for month to get her to drink milk, ANYTHING besides water out of her sippy cup and she just won't do it. Well the doctor said enough is enough, she must gain weight so if the only way she will take formula is through a bottle then give her the bottle. So we started back on the bottle yesterday and she has 1 month to show weight gain before we discuss other options. They finally gave her the diagnosis of  failure to thrive.  We have been avoiding this diagnosis since she was born. Unfortunately, she has finally received it. Hopefully we can reverse this diagnosis soon. Aside from all this stuff, you would never know she is going through anything. She is such a happy sassy little thing. She loves to torture her brother and wants to be wherever he is and do what ever he is doing. She loves to run and play and is such a tough little girl.  I just hope this weight thing is just another "Ashlyn time" thing and she will start growing soon. =) I will update when we know more.

The holidays are right around the corner, and the days seem to be going faster and faster.We are getting excited to celebrate and EAT lots ;-)