Friday, October 26, 2012


Ashlyn is OFFICIALLY walking!!!

15 months - 17lb &  6oz


My dad has allowed us to rent his house from him for the past 2 and 1/2 years, and we are very grateful that he allowed us to rent his home.  
Without getting into to many details to protect both parties involved, He has given us 30 days to move out because we can not afford his rent increase.

I am struggling right now with the fact that my dad would only give us 30 days to move out my family. I understand that this is a business decision on his part. But we were notified via email of his decisions and he has been very cold to us through this process. Even got his attorney involved. Anyway long story short We are moving.

SUPER stressed at the moment with where we are going to go and finding a house in such a short time. Good news is we have found 2 house in our area that we have submitted offers to and should hear back today or tomorrow. Hopefully one of these comes back and we can start the moving process and hopefully try and be settled in our new home before Christmas

Caiden has started acting out big time, i know he can sense the stress in the house but also when we told him we were going to have to move to a new house he did not take it well. He is having a hard time understand why we have to leave. This is really the only home he knows. When we moved here he was only 1 and doesn't remember it.

I have learned the life is not always fair and there are times when you just can't explain why.
But if life was always perfect we would never be able to appreciate the things we do have.

I know everything will work out and i am just having a hard time seeing that now.

Camping at Stoneman Lake

This was our second attempt at camping since Ashlyn was born. The first time was miserable for all parties involved. But this time was so much more fun. We left Friday, October 19th and planned on camping 2 night, but only made it one night. 
We camped at Stoneman Lake and it was beautiful during the day. Low 70's high 60's. The night time was a whole different story. It was COLD! It was in the mid 30's. We were all bundled and the kids stayed warm but me and Chris could not get rid of the chill. Stony lent us his tent heater for the kids which helped a lot. I probably would have stayed warm if I hadn't gotten sick in the middle of the night and had to keep getting up to go outside.
Needless to say we decided the one night was enough and we came home Saturday evening.
Even though the night was cold and we didn't sleep, we still had an amazing time. Caiden LOVED getting dirty and playing with the other kids and just running free. Ashlyn hardly complained we set up her play yard and she enjoyed the out doors as well.
The boys practiced shooting the bows Granddad Tony brought, The girls watched and sat around the fire just relaxing and having a good time. 
Tony and Sherry also knew of a zip line near by, so we took the kids there to have some zip line fun.
Overall it was a good trip =)

Picture from our trip

Nana Sherry and Ashlyn walking around camp

 Me and my love

 Chris hanging out by the fire

 Collecting fire wood

 Target practice

Girls just watching

 Chris working on something and Stony watching

 Caiden's Sword and Gun in his back pockets =)

Playing domino's

My boys

 Ashlyn napping after our long cold night! Tent was nice and warm in the sunlight

Ashlyn loved the backpack

 Waiting for his turn on the zip line

 He kept yelling faster and for me to let go

 I let go and he loved it

 So much fun

Zip line fun