Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ashlyn's Development

Ashlyn had her 3 month weight check with the pediatrician on Tuesday and today we met with her Development Nurse. Needless to say, Ashlyn is doing GREAT and continues to amaze her doctors.
How Ashlyn is developing:
3 month -8lb 4oz and 20.5in
-Holds her head up
-Sits up assisted
-Rolls from tummy to her back
-Sleeps through the night 10pm-7:30am
-Focus on faces and objects
-Brings hands to her mouth
-Eats 4-6 ounces
What Ashlyn should be doing:
-trying to grasp objects

She is still very small for her age, being 3 months old and only the size of an average new born. Her corrected age is 7.5 weeks and is right on track for her corrected age for size.
Her developmental nurse is amazed with her development. She is doing all the things a 3 month old should be for the most part. There are only 3 things she is not doing. She said she should start smiling, babbling and grasping objects in the next month. Her nurse also said her motor skills are advanced for a preemie =). She said everything else will come and that she is very pleased with her development. We don't have to meet with her again till January. Usually she meets with most preemie's every month. Because Ashlyn is doing so well we can go 2 months. We also got the OK to start trying rice cereal in a month. Yikes my baby is growing fast!

All in all we are SOOOO happy with our vists this week. Pediatrician said she is very healthy and Developmental Nurse said she is right on track. It is so good to know that all we went trough with the pregnancy, and she is perfect. One happy mama here.

P.S. Caiden is doing amazing and loves being a big brother.

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