Thursday, July 26, 2012


We spent July 15th and 16th in Sedona! here are some pics from our trip.
On the 15th we went to Slide Rock and on the 16th we spent the day by the hotel pool.
It was nice to get away for a couple days

 Caiden at Slide Rock

 Daddy and Caiden

 Water was COLD

Thinking about it

We found a Caiden size slide

 Looking for rocks

 Swimming a little swimming whole


 So pretty

Slide rock was so much fun, water was a little cold and it was rainy in the morning but once the sun came out it was perfect weather. We will defiantly be doing this again Caiden absolutely LOVED it. Water was a little cold for Ashlyn but she still loved being outside in the fresh air. A funny moment while there, Caiden has sponge bob water shoes or should i say had, and right before we left he ended up losing one down the creek and we couldn't get it back. I swear the kid thought it was the end of the world that he lost his water shoe. We had to tell him that sponge bob wanted to go to his pineapple under the creek to be with Patrick (a character from the show). It was the only thing that made him stop crying LOL. The things we say and do for our kids!

 Swimming at the hotel

 Ashlyn and Daddy hanging out in the pool

 She is SOOO darn cute!!! Hanging out pool side 

Caiden loving the pool time

Such a fun little trip!!

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Teodosio Family said...

Awww I forgot about Slide Rock! Sounds like so much fun!

I LOVE the pic of Ashlyn sitting on the edge of the pool. So cute!