Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting Settled in Our New House and Thanksgiving

We were officially moved out of my dads house on November 20th. I am so in love with our new house. It is smaller but feels more like home. The down stairs is completely done and everything is put away. Half of the upstairs is done. Kids rooms and kids bathroom is all done. The only thing we have left to do is finish up our bedroom and the den. The garage is filled with a bunch of stuff. We have to go through it and figure out what we are going to put in storage and what we are going to donate. I think we may tackle that this weekend. We have met a couple of our neighbors. Our one neighbor was my neighbor in the neighborhood i grew up in. It is so weird to see her all grown up and with a baby. They moved away when she was still pretty little. Crazy small world. We have a pool in this house (community pool), it is heated and we went swimming Thanksgiving day before we went to my moms to eat. We have gone swimming a couple other times since then. With the weather being in the low 80's and the pool being heated, it has been a great distraction for the kids.

Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful. We swam in the morning and went to my moms for dinner and filled out bellies with yummy food. It was a great day. With all the stress of moving and the family drama that has stirred up it was a nice distraction and made me stop and see how thankful and lucky i am for everything we do have. Yes, moving has been a nightmare but we have a beautiful house in and nice neighborhood, good health, and food on the table. 

I am super excited about Christmas in our new house. I have decided not to decorate a ton this year. One reason i just don't have the energy and the second reason i can only find about half of the decorations. I did put up a small tree and some of the kids decorations, but that's about it. And since we moved and had time to go through all the toys we already have, we are donating a lot of toys this year. Caiden is super excited about this. He picked out all the toys he doesn't play with anymore and we will be donating them. He keeps finding little things and asking if he can donate that as well. Very proud of him. I thought he would have a hard time with donating. 

The New House

Caiden swimming Thanksgiving Day

Hanging out in our new pool

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