Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where Have the Deaner's Been??!!!

Oh my, kind of ironic that my last post was about how busy we are and then i don't post for 2 months LOL.
Well it is true we have been very busy! So lets get this bad boy updated.

I will start with Caiden, He has been doing amazing. We have been having some behavioral problems with him. He seems to be acting out a lot and i am not sure if it is because of Ashlyn or just his age. It has been really hard there are times were i just can't seem to handle him and no punishment seems to work. I hope this passes fast. Of course he is not all bad. He loves to play outside. He just had his 4th Birthday and he got a brand new bike and wants to ride it all the time. He is such a good swimmer and is finally swimming all on his own. We got season passes to the water park, Wet N Wild, and this year he is tall enough to ride some of the bigger rides. He loves every minute of it. I still can't believe my baby boy is 4 years old. We are having a duel Birthday party this weekend for both kids. 

Ashlyn, she is just amazing. I think the last time i posted we had just had her evaluation and it showed a significant development delay. Well after a horrible experience with trying to get therapy (will save that story for it's own post) , she amazed us all and started sitting, crawling and pulling to stand all on her own. We had her reevaluated and she is now caught up to her corrected age. She is 11 1/2 months old her corrected age is 10 month old and she is doing every thing a 10 month should be doing developmentally. So we got the OK to stop therapy (not that they were doing anything for her). She still has some feeding and mouth aversion issues but from what i am told it is very common in preemies and we will just watch it for now and revisit the issues at about 18 months if she hasn't made any progress. She still has not started teething, so the doctors are waiting for her to start teething to see if that will help some of her feeding issues since we are limited on what we can give her right now. In the last week she has started to say mama when she sees me or wants to be held by me it is so darn cute. she says ba ba to but i am not sure if she has connected it to anything besides just babbling. She is going to be one in 2 weeks and i am just beyond amazed at how far my little girl has come. She is a true miracle. She is still a little peanut, at her 11 month visit she was 15lb and 26.5in. Still super small for her age but following her own growth curve so that's all that matters. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for her. =)

Everything else is going good i finished my last class (American Jazz and Popular  Music) with an A, and i am now taking English 102 this summer and the class is over in 2 weeks and then i will have a month off before i start Microbiology in the fall. Uggggg that should be fun. Chris is doing good as well working and playing baseball is the story of his life. That is all i have for now. I will update on other topics soon =)

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