Monday, April 16, 2012

A week in the life of a Deaner

I have decided to write down what a typical week looks like in our house at this time on our life, so when i am old and grey sitting in my rocker sipping tea i can read this and laugh.

Monday -
Daddy leaves the house at 7am-ish (sometimes earlier)
I am then left alone with my 2 wonderful children (lord help me)
Mondays's consist of cleaning and playing catch up from the previous week.
T-ball practice at 5pm-6pm
Home try and feel both kids before daddy gets home at 6pm-ish
School for me from 7:10pm-8:25pm (American jazz and popular music)
Home to clean up the mess that Daddy and babies made in the hour and a half i was gone at school. How they manage to destroy the house i will never know.
Then finally around 10pm-ish it is bed time

Tuesday -
Daddy leaves the house at 6:30am-ish this time with Caiden to drop him off at Pre-School.
I Drop Ashlyn off at my mom's at 10:30am then head to work at 11:00am-5:00pm
Pick Ashlyn up at 5pm then Caiden at 5:30pm
Home to feed 2 kids
Daddy gets home at 6ish
Ashlyn in bed by 8pm, Caiden by 9:30pm
Me in bed by 10pm-ish

Wednesday -
Repeat Tuesday
Except i have School From 7:10pm-8:25pm
Home to clean up the disaster my family created while i was away
Bed by 10pm-ish

Thursday -
Daddy leaves the house at 7am-ish
Me and kids home all alone ;)
Caiden has swim lessons at 9:30am
Ashlyn had therapy at 11:30am
Afternoon cleaning
T-ball practice at 5:00pm-6:00pm (sometimes we miss this practice cause i am exhausted)
Daddy home at 6pm-ish

Friday -
Daddy leaves the house at 7am-ish
Every other Friday i have a Mom to Mom Group that meets at 9:30am-11:00am (drop the kids off in the nursery and don't look back)
Home to clean some more
Daddy home at 6pm-ish

Saturday -
Thank the good lord Chris is home =)
Caiden has his T-ball games Saturday morning they last an hour or so.
Rest of the day is up for grabes, which usually includes me doing 5 million loads of laundry.

Sunday -
Daddy has baseball in the morning, which last about 3 or so hours. (me and kids usually stay home)
Rest of the day is whatever.

The above schedule does not include doctor appointments, play dates, or anything else that may come up. Not sure how i do it or how i stay sane. There is some down time through out the week, but very little. Shoot while i am typing this i am feeding a baby. If only i had 2 more hands think what i could get done. =)


Teodosio Family said...

Loved reading this! Wow. It sure IS a wonder we're still sane, huh? You're an awesome mommy :) Looks like you (and me) need a MOM's day out... no kids!

ddeaner said...

YES!!!!! MOM'S day out NO KIDS!!!!