Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Caiden is doing new things everyday. It just blows me away how smart he is. So today I had to take the bumper out of his crib because when I went to get him this morning he had pulled himself up and into a standing position on his knees using the bumper as his support!! LOL. smart kid. The big news is I put him on the floor on his hands and knees turned around to pick something up and turned back around and he was sitting up. He can sit up all by himself now. I just can't get over how fast he is learning all this. He is pretty much crawling or scooting and can sit himself up all in a matter of 2 weeks.

Oh to back to the bumper in his crib. Funny story or to show how freakin smart he is. So I snuck into his room to sort his laundry. He was awake in his crib laying on his back. He couldn't see me because i was on the floor and his bumper is up and he can't see over it. Well he could hear me in the room but couldn't see me. He was just talking away to himself. All of a sudden he got super quiet, I looked (mind you he as still on his back) he had lifted the bumper up and was looking at me from under the bumper. He just started laughing when I looked at him. Then we started playing pee-a-boo. LOL!! He is to smart for his own good.

Look at Caiden sitting up playing his drum!!
Just a cute pic i took of him with my cell phone!!!

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