Thursday, December 18, 2008

I can't wait for Christmas!!!! It is getting super close! My birthday is Monday, so this weekend we are going to my Grandma's house for a very yummy birthday dinner. Caiden is going to be 6 months next Friday. I hate how fast he is growing. He is actually crawling now and is on the go. He wants to touch everything. He has this obsession with the remote. The picture below his how bad he wants the remote he pulled himself up on the table to get the remote. It is kinda blurry but i took it with my cell phone and he was moving around a lot. But you get the idea. =)

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mimiwi said...

Hi Squirt! Just discovered this! It is fun to keep up with you and the baby. Hope he is feeling fine now.
It is so hard for me to think of you as married and with a baby!! Wish some of my own grands would get married soon! So far, none are interested, although a couple have serious relationships. Other things are more important to them right now--like school or careers. Whaaa! I wanna be a GG, too!!! lol
If you ever want to read up on our boring lives, I have a blog on Xanga.