Thursday, September 29, 2011

Caiden's Story

I am kinda sad i wasn't able to do this sooner with Caiden. It is 3 years later and memories have faded. Don't get me wrong i will never forget the day my baby boy was born, and some things like the song that was playing while they preformed my c-section, or how much he weighed and that first cry. But certain details and specifics have faded. But 3 years is better than 5 or even 10 years.
So here is Caiden's story:

My preganacy with Caiden was relativity easy compared to Ashlyn's. I did have morning sicknes with him that lasted about 6 weeks. Nothing like i had with Ashlyn. I was able to continue working and only lost about 10lbs which i gained back pretty quickly with him. I did develop mild Preeclampsia with him. I was able to maintain my blood pressure with out medication. Towards the end i did have to have twice weekly NST (non-stress tests) with him. Pretty much they just hooked me up to a monitor and monitored his heart rate for 20 mins. At 34 weeks my blood pressure did spike pretty high and i was put on bed rest for the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy. Which wasn't so bad. I was able to finish stuff up around the house and in the nursery. I was working full time as a Medical Assistant during my pregnancy with Caiden. "Bed Rest" was just nice 4 week vacation from work till he came.

My induction was scheduled for 38 weeks. I went in to the hospital bright and early on June 26th 2008, I think it was about 5am or maybe 7am (see details are getting hard to remember). They got me all hooked up to my I.V.'s and started the meds to induce labor and we waited.........and waited..........then waited some more........... and nothing. 12 long hours after staring the induction i had only dilated to 1cm. I had already had my epidural, so i was feeling good. The monitors where showing i was having some pretty good size contractions, which i couldn't feel =). The Doctor came in and said we can go another 12 hours with the induction or we can do a c-section and call it a day. LOL He recommended the c-section because of my blood pressure and the fact Caiden seemd ready to come out but my body was saying hell no. I agreed to the c-section. i was tired and ready to meet my baby.

They started all the preparations for surgery and i was starting to get nervous. I will never forget Chris standing they wide eyed and pale. He asked me "are you sure you want to do this". I couldn't help but laugh, there was no turning back now. Caiden couldn't stay in there forever. I was all ready and they wheeled me in to the operating room and Chris was next to me. I will never forget the song that was playing in the operating room as the doctor started my c-section. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis! Kinda ironic if you listen to the words. That will forever be my song for Caiden.

At 8:06pm on June 26, 2008Caiden Edward Deaner came into this word weighing in at 7lb 10oz and 20 1/2in. He was perfect and healthy. His cry was loud and healthy. Another cry i will never forget. It was over and he was here healthy. They took me to recovery and Chris went with Caiden. About 30min later they brought him to me and the first time i held him was love at first sight. He was perfect in every way, MY baby boy. We spent the next three days in the hospital cuddling and loving on our baby boy, something i never got to do with Ashlyn cause she was in the NICU. I look back on those 3 days with Caiden and am so thankful that i was able to have him with me in my room and that he was as healthy as could be. Today Caiden is a healthy, wild 3 year old. A total boy in everyway. I love my perfect little family =)

Just mins old and mad!

My Handsome little guy

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