Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Hope every ones Thanksgiving was good. We had a great day yesterday. We started out at my moms we filled our belly's there. Then we headed to my dads to spend time with that side of the family. We made sure to spread Caiden around. We dressed him up i will have pictures up soon. On another note Chris took his second part of his CIA (certified internal auditor) test and past. He only has two more test to take. He said the next test should be pretty easy but the last test is supposed to be the hardest. So wish him luck.

Caiden is 5 months now and learning something new everyday. He surprises me all the time. He is so smart. He wants to touch everything and puts everything strait into his mouth. Funny story the other day i put him down on the floor walked into the kitchen and turned around and he was gone. I yelled up the stairs at Chris asking him if he had Caiden he said no that he didn't. Then i heard a little giggle back in the living room where i put him down on the floor. He had rolled under the coffee table and was playing under there. he thought is was so funny and was upset when i moved him. He tries so hard to crawl but still can't figure it out. He is almost there.

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